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More than 30 years of experience and knowledge in biotechnology of rare medicinal plants
for your health.

Arkadiy Kotin, PhD

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Since 1960s Mr. Kotin has participated in the number of applied and abstract R&D projects including study of thalidomide syndrome.

Areas of expertise

  • Teratology of behavior
  • Pharmacology of peptides and medicinal plants
  • Immunology - peptide and antimetabolite vaccines for humans and animals
  • Pharmacology and teratology studies of opioid and calcitonin peptides

Education, academic degree

  • PhD. 1966 - Faculty of Biology and Soil Science, Leningrad State University, specialty: "Biologist-biophysicist"

Scientific publications

  • Kotin A.M., Ivanova S.B., Kotin O.A., Meringof M.F., Tarasenko I.I., Vlasov G.P. Development of non-narcotic peptide analgesics based on the “active center” of calcitonin salmon // II Russian Symposium on Peptide Chemistry and Biology. - St. Petersburg, May 25-27, 2005 - p. 73
  • Vlasov G.P., Tarasenko I.I., Pankova G.A., Ilina I.E., Kotin A.M., Ivanova S.B., Kazakov V.V., Kotin O.A., Meringof M.A., Khokhlov P.P Search for calcitonin antigenic epitopes and production of monovalent polyclonal antibodies based on them // II Russian Symposium on Peptide Chemistry and Biology. - St. Petersburg, May 25-27, 2005 - p. 73
  • Andreev N.A., Burov S.V., Glinskaya O.V., Veselkina O.S., Kotin A.M., Ivanova S.B., Vlasov G.P. Synthesis and study of the biological activity of fragments of salmon calcitonin. Chemistry of Natural Com-pounds. January–February, 1993, Volume 29, Issue 1, pp 107-112.
  • Kotin A.M., Puchkov V.F., Chebotar N.A. 1983/1985 Method for modeling teratogenic effect (thalidomide syndrome) Patent SU 1218812
  • Kotin A.M., Puchkov V.F., Tikhodeeva I.I., Vlasov G.P., Glushenkova V.R., Glinskaya O.V. Kozhevnikova N.Yu., Krasnikova E.N. 1986. The method for determining the convulsive activity of peptides. Patent of the Russian Federation № 1265615
  • Kotin A.M., Bichevaya N.K., Vlasov G.P., Nikonova N.N. 1988. // The method of modeling fetal alcohol syndrome. Patent of the Russian Federation № 1642506
  • Kotin A.M., Vlasov G.P. Synthetic peptides with a non-narcotic type of analgesic effect. Patent of the Russian Federation (RU 2.508.295), the USA (US 9.260.482), Canada (CA 2.867.994), Japan (JP 6.118.392), and EU (EU 2.848.629)
  • Kotin A.M., Emelyanov M.O., Kotin O.A. Patent of the Russian Federation № 2651491 "Specific peptide inhibitors of clathrin"
R&D Director of BioPharmos Group

Arkadiy Kotin, PhD